What is ‘WonderMill Challenges’

The WonderMill Challenges blog was started to challenge bloggers, of all skill levels, who own a WonderMill or Wonder Junior grain mill to try new things and share what they make on their blog (or a blog they guest blog for). We will have a new Challenge every couple of months, or more frequent if participation is high enough.

As an incentive to participate, we have valuable prizes that we award for every challenge. One of these prizes will always be awarded to a random entry, giving bloggers of all skill levels to participate and have a chance to win. This is a new project and the prizes will get larger as our blogger participation grows.

Who Can Participate:

  • Anyone who has a WonderMill or a Wonder Junior grain mill and a blog to post on.

Requirements for Blog Post Entries:

  • Blog Post must be on your blog or a blog you guest blog on.
  • Blog Post must use the WonderMill or Wonder Junior grain mill.
  • No more than 5 Blog Posts can be entered per challenge by the same person.
  • Blog Post must have a photo of the final product that we can use as a thumbnail in our challenge gallery.
  • Blog Post does not have to have an original recipe, you can also link to a recipe you used and just blog about the food you made.
  • Blog Post must be a new post made after the current challenge has been issued, not a post from your archives.
  • You must give us permission to use an image from the Blog Post to use in our challenge gallery and website.
  • Blog Post must follow the instructions mentioned in the challenge.

What Do I Get For Participating

  • A chance to win valuable prizes.
  • We share some of our favorite posts on our social media outlets and other places.
  • Visitors to your blog from our audience, which will grow as time goes on.
  • Fun participating with other bloggers.

If you have more questions, or suggestions, please reply below.

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