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Making Peanut Butter in the Wonder Junior

Grinding roasted peanuts in the Wonder Junior Deluxe grain mill will give you a wonderful peanut butter (see video below). The consistency will either be smooth or nutty, depending on how loose or tight you adjust the stainless steel milling heads. Simply put the peanuts in the mill and crank the handle to grind them into a nut butter. You can use the peanut butter as is or you can add sugar, oil, or honey to taste. We have heard that grinding honey roasted peanuts will give you the best tasting peanut butter. The Wonder Junior’s flour guide keeps this process from becoming a mess by catching all the nut butter coming out and guiding it into your bowl.

After grinding any nuts in the Wonder Junior, you will need to wash the milling chamber, flour guide, and milling heads. This is easier than you may think since the Wonder Junior is light and the clamp easily detaches from your counter to take the mill to the sink. Take the mill and parts to the sink and clean the nut butter off with a brush under warm running water. A little dish soap helps too (see end of video below). It is best to dry the mill as much as possible when you are done cleaning it.

You will only want to use the stainless steel milling heads for grinding nuts. The stone burrs will just glaze over. The stainless steel milling heads come with the Wonder Junior DELUXE model but not with the BASIC model. If you have purchased the BASIC model, you can still purchase the stainless steel burrs separately.

We have found that using the Drill Bit Attachment for the Wonder Junior is the best way to grind peanuts into peanut butter. It makes the process super quick and effortless (see video below). Grinding peanuts with the Drill Bit Attachment does not require a high powered drill that you would usually need for grinding wheat and grains. We have even seen some people using a basic cordless drill to grind peanuts into peanut butter with the Drill Bit Attachment. It just doesn't take much power to do it.