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Chef Brad is now our national spokesman and he is also a wonderful teacher in the kitchen and an enjoyable personality to learn from in person. Not everyone gets the chance to see Chef Brad in person so the next best thing is videos in the kitchen. We have started a collection of videos for you to enjoy.

Video Recipes

Smoked Pork Waffles with Buttermilk Syrupclick for recipe


Homemade Wheat Bread


Homemade Nutrition Bars


Gluten-Free Waffle Sandwichesclick for recipe


Multi-Grain Hot Cerealclick for recipe

Holiday Video Recipes


The Perfect Turkeyclick for recipe



Sweet Potato Orange Rollsclick for recipe


Chef Brad’s Holiday Caramel Cornclick for recipe


Chef Brad Quick Tip: Flaky Pie Crustclick for details


Buttermilk Pieclick for recipe


Cranberry Sauceclick for recipe


Cranberry Lemonadeclick for recipe


Cranberry Butterclick for recipe


Black Peppercorn Rosemary Potato Rollsclick for recipe


Perfect Mashed Potatoesclick for recipe


Creamy Grits With Asparagusclick for recipe


Cranberry Buttermilk Biscuitsclick for recipe


Quick Tip Videos

Quality Equipment, Quality Ingredients


Measuring Dough


Flaky Pie Crust


Using Oil for Bread Dough Removal


Knowing When to Remove Bread from Oven


Gluten Free


Bread Pans